Module 01
Basic Building Blocks: Sketching to Rendering

Have only one God

The principle "Have only one God" acts as a foundational ethos, underscoring the significance of a singular divine creator who serves as an unwavering source of wisdom, strength, and guidance. This focused belief cultivates a unified sense of purpose and direction, reinforcing the notion that every action we take, decision we make, and endeavor we pursue is intricately linked to this divine framework. It suggests that there is an inherent order and structure to the universe, one that is orchestrated by this singular deity. Recognizing this divine structure in the world around us not only enriches our spiritual understanding but also elevates our daily interactions and choices, imbuing them with a deeper sense of meaning and responsibility.

This principle serves as the building blocks of Ponca culture, laying the groundwork for a unified and spiritually rich community. It's more than just a belief; it's the lens through which the Ponca people view the world, make ethical decisions, and interact with one another. As such, it forms the basis for the community's shared values, traditions, and practices, creating a strong foundation upon which the entire cultural fabric is woven.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to describe and demonstrate what perspective and orthographic drawings are 

Students will be able to identify the different types of perspective drawings

Students will be able to develop an understanding of representing space through graphical form.

STEM Activities

The importance of drawings as a means of problem solving has been emphasized in many studies. This module focuses on spatial reasoning skills through visualization. Students will learn the basics of sketching, architectural drafting and architectural visualization. Students will focus on ideation through 3D visualization. Studies have shown that training in drawing improves spatial skills of STEM student.

Ideation through 3D visualization

Improving spatial skills

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Interior Designers


Civil Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

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