Module 07
VR+AR Mini-Hackathon

Respect the Peace pipe

The ethical code "Respect the peace pipe" takes on a profound significance when applied to the context of community members coming together. This principle serves as a guiding ethos for how these collaborative efforts should be approached—namely, with a sense of unity, mutual respect, and sacred purpose.

The peace pipe symbolizes more than just a ritual object; it embodies the ideals of community harmony and spiritual connection. When community members gather to discuss redesigning their environment, the respect accorded to the peace pipe can serve as a model for how to engage with one another. It encourages open dialogue, fosters a sense of shared responsibility, and emphasizes the sacredness of the task at hand.

Just as the smoke from the peace pipe is believed to carry prayers and intentions to the divine, the collective efforts in developing the community should be imbued with purpose and meaning. The code urges participants to approach the task not just as a logistical challenge, but as a sacred duty to improve the well-being of the entire community.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to describe potential problems in their current environment that limit the spaces potential.

Students will be able to collaboratively work on their proposed problems in consultation with a tribal elder.

Students will be able to develop prototypes using 3D modeling tools to demonstrate their design concepts

STEM Activities

This team based event will look at a problem in the Tribal Nation and seek to provide a solution through the technologies introduced in the preceding modules. For this activity the students will modify the location of their afterschool program. They will select an area of the building and change it according to what they think will be useful. The tribal elders will participate in this process and will advice the students.


Teaching Resources

Hackathon Instructions

3D model of the afterschool Center

Recap Presentation

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