Module 05
Augmented Living: Using AR in Design 

Do not talk about each other

The ethical principle "Do not talk about each other" serves as a vital guideline for maintaining a respectful and harmonious community. This code underscores the importance of personal integrity and the sanctity of each individual's reputation. It cautions against gossip, slander, or any form of speech that could harm another person either emotionally or socially. By adhering to this principle, community members cultivate a culture of mutual respect and trust, where each individual's dignity is upheld. It's not just about avoiding negative talk; it's also about fostering an environment where people feel safe, respected, and valued. This principle is a cornerstone for building strong, cohesive communities where each member is empowered to contribute positively.

Adopting a holistic perspective is crucial for understanding the multiple layers of any situation, both visible and hidden. This comprehensive approach enriches our decision-making and actions, allowing us to navigate complexities with greater insight and sensitivity. The AR viewing experience in this module  includes layers of information about the furniture's design principles, materials, and intended use, emphasizing the importance of understanding the multiple layers of any situation before making judgments—akin to not talking about each other without full understanding.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to describe  Augmented Reality.

Students will be able to develop a 3D model of a table and view it through a tablet.

Students will be able to use correct measurements in modeling 3D objects.

STEM Activities

Students will be presented with a problem of 3D modeling an object that they use in everyday life (a table). The solutions will be developed through 3D modeling and will be presented through Augmented Reality. 


3D modeling

Using Augmented Reality 

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