Module 01
Basic Building Blocks: Sketching to Rendering

First Fire

"In the time of the First Fire, the Anishinabe Nation will rise up and follow the Sacred Shell of the Midewiwin Lodge. The Midewiwin Lodge will serve as a rallying point for the people and its traditional ways will be the source of much strength. The Sacred Megis will lead the way to the chosen ground of the Anishinabe. You are to look for a turtle shaped island that is linked to the purification of the earth. You will find such an island at the beginning and end of your journey. There will be seven stopping places along the way. You will know the chosen ground has been reached when you come to a land where food grows on water. If you do not move you will be destroyed." 

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to describe and demonstrate what perspective and orthographic drawings are 

Students will be able to identify the different types of perspective drawings

Students will be able to develop an understanding of representing space through graphical form.

STEM Activities

The importance of drawings as a means of problem solving has been emphasized in many studies. This module focuses on spatial reasoning skills through visualization. Students will learn the basics of sketching, architectural drafting and architectural visualization. Students will focus on ideation through 3D visualization. Studies have shown that training in drawing improves spatial skills of STEM student.

Ideation through 3D visualization

Improving spatial skills

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Civil Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

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