Module 03
Virtual Realization: 3D scanning and Viewing a Building in VR 

Do not steal from each other

The ethical code "Do not steal from each other" serves as a cornerstone for community trust and mutual respect. It goes beyond the simple act of taking someone else's belongings, extending into the realm of ethical and social responsibilities. This principle underscores the idea that personal belongings are not just material items but extensions of individual and collective identities. Stealing disrupts the fabric of trust that holds the community together, affecting not just the individual from whom something is taken but the collective harmony as well. Therefore, this code is not just a rule but a foundational principle that helps maintain a cohesive and respectful community.

In today's technologically advanced world, this principle takes on new dimensions, such as the ethical use of 3D scanning technology. While 3D scanning offers incredible opportunities for preservation and study, it also poses ethical questions about ownership and cultural heritage. For instance, scanning a community artifact and replicating it without permission would be considered a form of stealing, as it appropriates cultural and intellectual property. This goes beyond the simple act of taking someone else's belongings; it extends into the realm of ethical and social responsibilities, affecting not just individual ownership but collective identity and heritage.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to describe how to use a 3D scanner to scan objects and people.

Students will be able to view scanned objects in Virtual Reality.

STEM Activities

Students learn about The Spiro Mounds and develop a virtual museum to exhibit the bead work that they created. Students use 3D scanning equipment to scan the artifacts and then display them inside of the The Spiro Mounds Virtual Museum. Then they use Virtual Reality to navigate and experience The Spiro Mounds Virtual Museum.



Recording data accurately 

Working collaboratively to solve problems

Making observations.

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Teaching Resources

Download the Spiro Museum

Download  Spiro Mounds Sketchup File

Requires Sketchup to open and view

Online Spiro Museum LInk 


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