Module 07
VR+AR Mini-Hackathon

Owl Clan
MĄNKOGE (mahⁿng-KOH-gay)

In time the Bear, Beaver, Elk and Eagle Clans met the Buffalo(head), Snake, Owl and Pigeon Clans. The last two, like the Eagles, were from the sky. The Buffalohead (renamed Buffalo), Owl, Pigeon and Snake (now extinct) had their own people, and this sacred possession they offered to the Bear, Beaver, Elk and Eagle Clans.

At first, this gesture was ignored by the Bears and the pipe rejected. But the Bears softened and finally Bear, Beaver, Elk and Eagle Clans accepted the pipe which was an offering of friendship and co-existence. They reciprocated, making a similar gesture of friendship. So it was in these acts that everything began . . .

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to describe potential problems in their current environment that limit the spaces potential.

Students will be able to collaboratively work on their proposed problems in consultation with a tribal elder.

Students will be able to develop prototypes using 3D modeling tools to demonstrate their design concepts

STEM Activities

This team based event will look at a problem in the Tribal Nation and seek to provide a solution through the technologies introduced in the preceding modules. For this activity the students will modify the location of their afterschool program. They will select an area of the building and change it according to what they think will be useful. The tribal elders will participate in this process and will advice the students.


Teaching Resources

Hackathon Instructions

3D model of the afterschool Center

Recap Presentation

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