Module 03
Virtual Realization: 3D scanning and Viewing a Building in VR 

Elk Clan
HUMA (HOO-mah)

Some time passed before the Bear and Beaver Clans met other peoples and the two were content to think no others existed. Then it happened. The Bear and the Beaver Clans came upon the Elks, whom they desired to kill.

But instead the Elks proposed that they be allowed to accompany the two clans. After a time, the Bear and Beaver Clans had a change of heart and agreed that all could be brothers and help one another.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to describe how to use a 3D scanner to scan objects and people.

Students will be able to view scanned objects in Virtual Reality.

STEM Activities

Students learn about The Spiro Mounds and develop a virtual museum to exhibit the bead work that they created. Students use 3D scanning equipment to scan the artifacts and then display them inside of the The Spiro Mounds Virtual Museum. Then they use Virtual Reality to navigate and experience The Spiro Mounds Virtual Museum.



Recording data accurately 

Working collaboratively to solve problems

Making observations.

Related STEM Careers 

Interior Designers


Civil Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Teaching Resources

Download the Spiro Museum

Download  Spiro Mounds Sketchup File

Requires Sketchup to open and view

Online Spiro Museum LInk 


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