Module 04
Virtuality to Physicality: 3D printing 

Eagle Clan
XRA (xrah)

Now the sky people came through the sky opening and swooped down to earth, where they found evidence of three other clans. The Eagles knew that there were more people in the other three clans than in the Eagles. The Eagles approached these clans and once more the clans grew.

Having decided to live together, they began sharing among themselves certain things and knowledge that had before belonged solely to individual clans, but it was now used to help all of the clans.

In order to learn how to live, the clans called upon Waconda, the Creator. Waconda taught each clan certain things and gave each group certain sacred knowledge, and therefore, rights associated with a sacred pipe that also was a gift from Waconda. In this manner (of the sacred pipe) the four clans lived.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to describe how electricity works.

Students will be able to describe different professions that use electricity.

Students will be able to develop 3D models to be printed in to light fixtures.

STEM Activities

Students will work on translating a virtual artifact into a tangible product using 3D printing. The students will be presented a problem to solve through a team-based exercise. In this exercise, students will create a light fixture model for the dorm room from Module 02 and 3D print their model. Students also learn about electricity and how electricity works in this module.

3D printing

Learning about electricity

How electricity works

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